Executive committee

Publié le 22/05/2020 à 17h36 (mis à jour le 22/05/2020 à 17h38)

The executive committee is composed of the following members, each representing a partner laboratory and a research team:

  • Pr Bruno Vellas, Pr Sandrine Andrieu, Pr Yves Rolland, Dr Sophie Guyonnet and Pr Philippe Barreto, for LEASP / UMR 1027 and Gérontopôle du CHU de Toulouse
  • Pr Louis Casteilla and Dr Isabelle Ader from StromaLab
  • Dr Claire Rampon and Dr Noélie Davezac from the Center from Research on Animal Cognition (CRCA)
  • Pr Pierre Gourdy, Dr Parini Angelo, Pr Dominique Langin, Pr Philippe Valet and Dr Cédric Dray from the Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC)
  • Pr Roland Liblau from the Center from Physiopathology of Toulouse Purpan (CPTP)
  • Pr Pierre Payoux from the Toulouse Neuro Imaging Center (ToNic)
  • Dr Nathalie Vergnolle from the Digestive Health Research Institute (IRSD)
  • Pr Philippe Cestac from the Pharmacy Department of the Toulouse University Hospital