Missions / goals of BACAP

Publié le 19/11/2014 à 16h09 (mis à jour le 19/11/2014 à 16h10)

The mission of this prospective project is to make available to the scientific community a clinical biological base from patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

The research projects supported by BACAP will seek to:

  • Understand the development of pancreatic carcinogenesis
  • Determine an early diagnostic and screening of pancreatic adenocarcinoma with the identification of biomarkers (Proteomic signatures, miRNA, genomic DNA, micro particles) and associated thrombosis risks.
  • Develop new in vitro tools for pancreatic cancer diagnostic
  • Evaluate clinical and biological development of cachexia from patients with pancreatic cancer
  • Determinate factors inducing cancer cells spreading such as inflammation markers
  • Identify biomarkers indicating sensibility or resistance to chemotherapy
  • Develop new therapeutic targets
  • Or any others projects deemed appropriate by the scientific committee of BACAP