Ressource and Research Memory Centres of South of France

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Fédération des Centres Mémoire de Ressource et de Recherche du Sud de la France (F-CMRR-SF)

This Federation consist of hospitals of the four CMRR (Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nice and Toulouse). This CMRR receive the label from their Regional Agency for Hospitalisation (Agence Régionale de l’hospitalisation)
This Federation has been set up the 28th of April 2003 in the " Hotel-Dieu Saint-Jacques " of Toulouse, in the presence of General Directors of the hospitals and Regional Agency for Hospitalisation of each centre.

The four CMRR associate neurologists, geriatricians and psychiatrists and are linked with research by Inserm Units or teams working in the field of cerebral aging and also with Clinical Investigation Centres.
The goals of the Federation

  • to develop a common methodology to set up, animate and evaluate networks of proximity memory centers in the four regions ;
  • to facilitate the care of the patients in the bordering areas of the four regions ;
  • to exchange their specific competencies and/or allow each region to share the strong point of the others ;
  • to develop research and assessment of common pratices, specially studies including the proximity memory centers of the four regions ;
  • to optimise research of ressources by joint representation and actions of the four institutions ;
  • to enhance the research contribution in order to establish strategies of care and of public health ;
  • to disseminate knowledge on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders and interregional actions on training or health education ;
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  • Toulouse December 3, 4, 5th 2003
    Faculty of Medecine (Rangueil) 31000- Toulouse France.
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