Alzheimer Center

Alzheimer Center Goals

Alzheimer disease requires an overall approach, from diagnosis to treatment of the complications and management of the patient and his or her family.
The mission of the Alzheimer Center and its staff is to perform the diagnosis and the follow-up of the various dementias and to promote program of support and education of the family. The clinical research is an essential part of the activities.
To give information, education and support to the families, a variety of procedures have been developed :

  • Family education consultations given by Nurses before the patient is to leave the unit.
  • Practical guides developed by the team to care the patient at home or in long term care.
  • Advice sheets for the families.
  • Partnership with the family association, trough the local association Alzheimer 31 (affiliated to France-Alzheimer), whose representative attends the unit at given times.

The facilities set up in the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Gerontology of Toulouse University Hospital comprise an Acute Care Unit, a memory clinic and a Day Hospital